My journey….


Born and raised in Czech Republic, Pavla left her homeland in 1999 to study and work in London. She settled in Zurich in 2010.

Pavla has years of experience of working in fashion retail and she is a graduate of London University of Arts / London College of Fashion where she obtained Bachelors degree in Fashion Management.

Pavla’s appreciation for body aesthetics began with modern, traditional folk dance, ballet and performance arts in her early childhood. Her lifelong fascination with body mechanics and movement influenced her to discover yoga. 

Her interest in yoga widened to include a healthy and conscientious lifestyle incorporating aspects of self-awareness, Ayurveda and meditation. 

The discovery of Lomi Lomi massage took her onto a new journey and ultimately led to acquiring diploma as Lomi Lomi practitioner at Aloha Spirit in Meilen.

“Having experienced the therapeutic effects of Lomi Lomi massage myself, I have never doubted its benefits to one’s wellbeing. It is my privilege to share the harmonising, restorative and long lasting effects of the massage with my community”

Pavla further continues to deepen her knowledge of anatomy and other areas related to Lomi Lomi massage and bodywork, Hawaiian culture, language and values.

"Lomi Lomi opened ways for me which I had long forgotten or I even did not know existed"



July 2021 - Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Fundamentals with Ho'omana Spa Maui
October 2020 - March 2021 - Medizinische Grundlagen at GSDS
September 2019 - November 2020 - Lomilomi Practitioner at Aloha Spirit Meilen, Switzerland